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If traveling in the winter or summer, having a well running AC or heater will keep everyone more comfortable. It may also be an issue that is fixable with just a thorough cleaning by a trained mechanic. A lengthy car trip can be an adventure for driver and passengers. The various fluids in a vehicle are present in order to provide lubricant. Proper tire pressure and balance will make the journey safer and allow for better gas mileage, too.- Screechy noises when coming to a halt: This is a red flag that something is amiss. If a breakdown occurs during the trip, it will certainly put a damper on the festivities. It would be wise to check the brakes even if they haven’t been given you any trouble. It can be a time to see the countryside and tour the surrounding regions.  
All automotive systems, in fact, should be checked out if a long drive is coming up. Get that auto serviced before leaving town.- Fluids leaking out of the auto: If any fluids are puddling under the automobile, it is time to take action.Motor oil, transmission fluids, air conditioning and heating systems, tires and brakes all need a check up to ensure that the vehicle is ready for a long haul.Automotive fluids should be checked on a regular basis anyway. Summer vacations, family reunions or holiday get-togethers often entail car travel to get to the desired designation. Be prepared. Check before the journey in order to see if these items have enough life in them to last the length of the trip. These were put there for a driver’s safety and for the efficiency of the vehicle. If the trip is over a thousand miles in distance, this needs to be figured into the equation. It also can be difficult to find a shop available out in the middle of nowhere. Over time, however, they will wear out. It may be that parts are wearing out and need to be replaced. This is imperative so that metal doesn’t grind against metal.
You and all of your passengers will be glad you did. Some common signs that repairs in the braking system may be needed as soon as possible include:- Warning lights flashing on dashboard: It’s important not to ignore the flashing warning lights in a vehicle’s dashboard.- Worn pads: Brake pads are made from heat resistant materials in order for them to last a long time and withstand pressure and heavy duty usage. Pay attention Tennis Rackets Manufacturers and get the car into the shop. Having pads wear out in the middle of a snow storm or miles of corn fields will be inopportune to say the least.Have brake repair, fluid replacement and tires rotated before the big trip.  
-Do lights work? Have someone stand outside the vehicle in front and in back to assure that all lights are working. Grunge in the system has been known to cause squeaky sounds. This includes brake lights, turn signals, high beams and emergency flashers.When a motorist is traveling across country or even to the next city, brake repair should be performed before he or she gets behind the wheel. Friction between two metal components can cause damage -- big trouble for the engine or working components of the vehicle.

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